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Edmund: The Untold Story of The Martyr King and His Kingdom, a limited edition print book and ebook exploring the story of this misunderstood saint, in tandem with the Edmund for England campaign. Topics covered include:

  • The hidden symbolism of Edmund’s martyrdom
  • The rapid rise of his cult amongst both Christians and Vikings
  • How Edmund embodied ancient concepts of sacred kingship
  • The symbolic landscape around Edmund's shrine

Secret York, a location-based mobile app. It peels back 2,000 years of history, revealing the hidden secrets of York's ancient past. Over 200 entries are included, with photos, maps and descriptions for each location, including:

  • York's city walls
  • Snickelways (York's famous alleys and lanes) and Hideaways
  • Folklore, ghosts, hauntings and mysteries
  • Ancient churches, inns, guild halls and secular buildings
  • Roman, Viking, Anglo-Saxon, Norman and Medieval York
  • The meanings behind York's street names
  • User content, location check-ins, badges and social integration

Secret Suffolk, a web-based tourism destination, positioned as an alternative to established offerings. The site curates and promotes less well-known but nevertheless important ancient sites in Suffolk. Features include:

  • Engaging, informative overviews of key sites
  • Interactive maps
  • Photo galleries
  • News and reviews